The first week of the second term is over, and it has been crazy and hectic so far. Got all my essays back for last term, and ironically the subject I personally feel I’ve been struggling with the most (The Core Course where we look at methodologies in art) is the subject I’m doing well in. The two other subjects I have stupidly taken a little too much for granted, putting less effort into the required essays, and hence achieving more mediocre grades. (Which is a huge blow to me, a previous A-level student). However, knowing that I have done well in my Core Course only proves that I am not a dumb, hopeless imbecile, and if my tutor Milena thinks my essays are good, then they are good! All I need to do really, is to focus harder and write ALL my essays the same way I write my Core Course essays. Then I shall be just fine. Time to let go now though  – it is a new term, and unlike last year, I know what I am supposed to do now, and what UCL believes separates a good grade from a mediocre one.

Friday night we were supposed to go to Embassy, a fancy member’s club near Piccadilly Circus. It hosted a Brazilian night, and although the entrance fee is normally £20, we signed up for the guestlist, enabling us to enter for £12 “only” between 8-10 pm. Sadly, the pre-drinking party at Ramsay took way too long, and when everyone is in a tipsy/drunken state except you and Tarek, it is kind of difficult to get everyone moving collecively, speedily and in the same direction. We reached Embassy at 9:50 pm, only to find that 30 other people were there queuing up as well. Knowing we would never make the entrance before 10 pm, Tarek called some friends, pulled some strings in Italian, and put us all up on the Penthouse guestlist, securing us a £7 entrance fee. I felt like such a VIP.

We have been avoiding Penthouse for a while, because of the conviction that the club is jinxed. We all have had bad things happening to us at the club – or the club has triggered certain events that have caused problems for us later. Which is sad, because it really really is a nice club, despite the level of sleazyness amongst the regular male crowd going way up and through the roof. Penthouse is located at Nr. 1 Leicester Square, with a 180 degree panoramic view of London – and nothing makes you feel quite as urban as dancing in front of The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. 

I really think we broke the spell yesterday:

And when our little tummies and feet are aching after hours of dancing, there is nothing like a late-night pizza at Leicester Square: