Landed at London Stansted International Airport Sunday afternoon, and as I stepped out of the aircraft, I was hit by the lovely mild weather. I can’t understand what the Britons are complaining about. It was delightful standing in a normal, regular cold of -3’C, rather than Norway’s arctic -30’C. However, I was utterly bevildered and confused on my way home, constantly walking on the wrong side of the road and nervously stuttering when being approached by Britons, realizing that my English had severely detoriated after three weeks of only speaking Norwegian. It felt nice to finally reach my hall and jump in the shower and hide in my bed, as I was feeling the need to give myself a little time to adjust and cope with the fact that I was back to reality and had a very stressful term two upon me. Was nearly asleep when Valerie came knocking on my door, asking me if I wanted to join her, Joao, Bobby and Tarek at The Court, a pub on Tottenham Court Road. I figured socializing might just be the right way for me to get back into uni-modus, so I stopped moping about, got dressed and once again dragged myself out into the streets of London. (That is to say, in a non-prostitute sort of way). It turned out to be one of the most fun nights in my life, and I was soon back to my old self, ready to cope with any academic and spiritual challenge ahead of me!

Now it is Tuesday, and I am sitting in my room enjoying my morning. We Art Historians have a killer schedule for this term – Mondays and Tuesdays off! I have decided that those days are going to be my essay writing days, and yesterday was spent browsing for an image that I am supposed to be discussing in my upcoming oral presentation. Will continue with the geeking later, but now I am going to get dressed and treat myself to a little coffee and brunch date at Costa with my dear friend Ewa whom I haven’t seen in three long weeks. Apparently she is planning a photoshoot of me where I am to wear bright red lipstick and a red cheongsam, so I am dying to hear more about that, especially as I have no modelling experience whatsoever, due to lack of height and cheekbones.

London, UCL – It is an honour to be back!