Yesterday Henrik and I celebrated our third anniversary as a couple (I know, can you believe it?). Three years ago we were two strangers in the same tour group sitting in a bar in downtown Shanghai, downing cocktails in order to work up the guts to kiss each other. He was the first one to go, and we ended up making out non-stop for approximately three hours. And while I gave the concept of “us” a survival chance of approximately one month, we have been together ever since – despite him being in Sweden, and me being in Norway, China and now England. It is crazy how life messes with you sometimes.

Henrik decided we should go to the Salvador Dali exhibition in Stockholm, as he knows how fond I am of all things artsy. However, as we looked out the window and saw what the world outside looked like, we huddled back into bed and came to the conclusion that it was too cold to wander outdoors. How ironic it is not, that when we finally got up, we decided that we wanted to go cross-country skiing instead!


Henrik said he wanted us to do something special for our anniversary, and what we did was certainly unusual for us – two individuals who probably make up the laziest couple in the world! Henrik hasn’t gone cross-country skiing for five years, and I haven’t gone cross-country skiing ever since I was fourteen, which makes it seven years. And although I thought this would help me get in touch with my Norwegian viking genes, the truth is that I have never felt more clumsy, Asian and foreign my whole life. Sad, as I was hoping to prove to my boyfriend, who raced past me, that Norwegians have always been better than Swedes at skiing.

When we got back home, Henrik’s parents were so impressed that we had actually dragged out butts out of the house, and rewared us with hot chocolate with whipped cream! I felt like a happy little three year old again!