A decade will soon be over. In a few hours it will be 2010, and that means that I, who am only 21, will have lived through four consecutive decades. Every New Year’s Eve I am determined that the next year shall be the best and most exciting year ever. I, like every individual, strive to make my life happier, more eventful, more meaningful, more complete. And although 2007 will still stand as the best and most eventful year so far, I think 2009 is a pretty close second. A huge improvement from 2008 where I just spent day in and day out in a small bakery shop. 2009 actually saw some developments:

January: I’m stressing out writing personal statements and gathering documents to apply to various universities in the UK and meet the January 15th deadline. I apply for art history at UCL, The Courtauld, University of Edinburgh and SOAS. I also celebrate Chinese new year by inviting all my friends to a (relatively home-cooked) Chinese meal.

February: UCL calls me in for an interview. I am permitted to do it over the phone,  but decide to fly over to London for a day, desperate and determined to get in.

March: I go to London for my UCL interview and get a tour around campus. I immediately fall in love with the place. A couple of weeks later I learn that UCL has granted me an unconditional offer, and I feel more ecstatic that I have ever done before in my life. My mom and I are jumping up and down on the kitchen floor simultaneously while screaming, and I am thinking “Freaking hell, I am moving to London!”. However, UCL tries to deny me a Home/EU tuition fee status, resulting in me having to spam their e-mail inbox trying to explain my rights. I wait before accepting their offer, as I know that The University of Edinburgh has already complied to giving me a Home/EU status, and studying with them will potentially save me £12,000 a year. I hand in my resignation to W.B. Samson, the bakery shop where I have been working for the last year.

April: Still postponing accepting my UCL offer.

May: I have my final days as an employee at W.B. Samson, and will only work there as a substitute whenever needed. Ditta, Kristinur, Helenur and I go for a girly fun trip to my family’s holiday house in Spain. When I come home I learn that people at UCL have changed their minds, and are granting me a Home/EU tuition fee status. I immediately accept their offer, and start preparing for my new life in London, such as applying for student accommodation.

June: I am on a three week vacation in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Hong Kong will forever stand as one of my favourite cities!

July: I start getting occasional panic attacks, realizing that I am moving to London and altering my life drastically in only two months. I do lots of preporatory reading for my course, and try to spend as much time with my friends and boyfriend as possible. Due to illness and sick leaves at work, I work at W.B. Samson nearly everyday, earning some much needed money.

August: I enjoy a Swedish summer, eating crayfish and going to Skellefteå with Henrik for a week of sun and bathing. I also buy my new pink laptop which I love, and brace myself for London.

September: I move to London! I party and socialize like hell, and have a blast during Fresher’s Fortnight!

October: Lessons start, but we still haven’t calmed down, and go clubbing or socializing almost every night – enjoying the excitement and euphoria of living in a new city.

November: I keep exploring and loving London, although school work is taking up more and more of my time. However, we are all starting to get tired and homesick, wanting to go home to see our friends and families and just get a break from it all.

December: Christmas shopping on Oxford Street, lots of essays – and then finally home to Norway and Sweden for one of the best Christmasses ever! ❤ On December 30th, Henrik and I celebrate our three year anniversary.

As for New Year’s resolutions, I really haven’ thought of any for this year. Perhaps I shall stick with the one for last year, because that is definitely one that will make your life more thrilling: Don’t say no all the time. Say yes to a challenge, say yes to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. It will get you a long way.

Now I will take a nap, and then we are going for dinner with some of Henrik’s friends. Happy New Year everyone!