Early in the morning of the 27th our boat reached Helsinki. Helsinki is the capital and the largest city of Finland with a population of 500,000 people, which makes it approximately the same size as Oslo. The city is bilingual, almost all the street and shop signs being in both Finnish and Swedish, making things very practical for a Norwegian. However, although most of the inhabitants in Helsinki seem to understand Swedish, they don’t seem all that confident in speaking it.

It was a Sunday, and the streets were completely dead. It felt like some remote city in Siberia, and Henrik stated that even Oslo seemed big and buzzling in comparison. However, the fact that it was a holy day and – 10’C outside might have had something to do with it… Helsinki was a nice city though, featuring lots of nice architecture and “Marimekko” shops. However, my favourite part was the icy scenery in the sunset. (The colours of the photos have not been altered).