Sweden is practically drowning in snow. The first white Christmas for years!!

Arrived in Sweden yesterday afternoon, and my boyfriend’s parents have got their hands full with Christmas preparations, being busy cooking, baking and preparing for the big night tomorrow. According to them the whole neighbourhood is apparently in a frenzy – people who are usually nice and sensible are now snapping at each other these last couple of days before Christmas, honking their horns at the parking lots and performing general attemts at running each other down in order to finish all their Christmas preparations on time. How ironic that the season where we are supposed to be extra compassionate and considerate, is the season where we all turn into stressed and grumpy PMS-monsters. According to the Norwegian newspapers, there was on an average one new dent in a car a minute.

In Henrik’s family’s household, things have been nothing but cosy despite there being lots to do. We have all spent the day practically living on top of each other in the kitchen, listening to Christmas songs on the radio and baking various Christmas cookies. It has taken me a long time to dig out that Christmas spirit which has been hidden deep this year, but now I am finally finding it!

Me standing in the kitchen cutting out the various pieces for the annual gingerbread house, while getting some tips from Gunilla.

I discovered that I have a hidden talent for making gingerbread houses. Feeling particularly proud of the icicles hanging from the roof.

Henrik was ordered to cut the homemade caramel into squares and wrap them in paper. However, as you can see from this photo evidence, they ended up in his greedy mouth instead.

Henrik and I put up the miniature Christmas village. Doesn't it look magical?

Feeling so excited about tomorrow! Now I will wake up a sleeping Henrik and ask him if he wants to watch a movie with me!