Leaving London was sadder than I had expected, and although it is wonderful seeing my friends and family again, I feel as if an arm has been chopped off. I tell you, it is pure agony. Sitting in my pink girl’s room in Norway, and it feels beyond wierd. I feel like I am an awkard stranger in my own house to be honest. Now that I have moved out, I feel like it is solely my parents territory, and I’m not even sure if I dare go occupy the couch like I always used to do, or to sneak down the staircase to knick Christmas cookies. Feel like hiding in my room, that is the only place I can feel completely relaxed. Or…that is at least until I discovered that my mom had taken down all my cuddly toys and put them in a box. *Sulks* Otherwise I am having fun washing my face in a joint hot and cold water tap. Good to be back in a developed country! (Sorry all you Brits – you know I love you).

The dearest place in the world...

I am really, really lucky to make it home safe and soundly, my flight only being delayed by one and a half hour. Many of my friends haven’t been quite as fortunate. Valerie’s plane headed for Philadelphia was stuck on a runway in New Jersey for hours, Joao’s Eurostar train to Brussels was cancelled, Ewa’s flight to Poland was delayed by 12 hours and Lida and other passengers were directed to the wrong train and were five minutes from missing their flight! So many international students are still stuck in London or at various random airports due to blizzards and snow chaos all over the western world, and if I was told I wasn’t able to get home because of snow falls, I would have broken down in tears. I really hope everyone will make it back to their home countries before Christmas eve, and I am crossing my fingers for all my friends still stuck on the British Isles.

Landed to a -10’C yesterday. The previous week the temperatures dropped down to -20’C, so -10’C is really not bad according to Norwegian standards. Yesterday my dear friend Dittaru was having her 21st birthday dinner, so I rushed to her place almost directly from the airport, barely having the time to pop my head in to say hi to my parents. The theme of Dittaru’s dinner was “tropical”, which is pretty ironic…  When Ditta opened the door, we just screamed, and stood hugging each other forever. I have missed her a lot, especially these last few weeks.

Oh god, it was so good.

Beautiful people - beautiful I tell you!

Look what this little girl got!

Being thoroughly insulted when I discovered how small my Christmas present from Kristinur was comparing to Dittaru's...

Will try taking some artistic photos of winter Norway tomorrow before rushing to the mall trying to find a decent Christmas present for my boyfriend!