Despite having a Chinese grammar test this morning, I happily and irresponsibly attended the UCL Winter Ball at Heaven yesterday. When not being invaded by UCL students, Heaven is actually a really popular gay bar, located under the arcades between Charing Cross and Embankment. Although we got constant e-mails warning us that tickets were about to sell out, surprisingly few showed up for the ball, the main dancefloor being only 2/3 full, and the other one being practically empty. Why they call it a “ball” I sure don’t know, I can’t see what separates this night from any other club night. The girls had perhaps made an effort to look beautiful (I actually bought accessories!), but most guys (except from the wonderful guys in our group of course) showed up in shabby t-shirts. There was one girl who had put on a long ball gown, and she looked extremely uncomfortable. 

There was a special guest performance by a supposedly well-known DJ/radio host (if that is what he was) named David Benson Phillips. I had no idea who he was, and all the other international students looked rather blank as well, but I loved the music he played and really enjoyed myself out there on the dancefloor. However, in all clubs all over the world you will encounter the general nightly dose of drunken sleazy guys (Penthouse being the worst amongst London clubs), but my god were they a prominent feature last night. This one guy came on to me and all the other girls in our group from nowhere, and suddenly he started holding me really tight ’till the point where his mouth actually touched my lips. I was horrified, and I regret not slapping him instead of just fiercely pushing him away from my sight. Otherwise I had this really drunk Asian guy dry humping me and staring at me like an obsessive madman, his mortified cousin telling me over and over again how sorry he was. I realize now in the aftermath that playing lesbian with one of the girls was perhaps not the smartest way to get rid of a guy…

The whole party ended in a big cliché – but nevertheless a must for all Christmas parties: Mariah Carey’s dreadful “All I Want for Christmas is You”. Helen, Lida and I were about to go home when we heard the song come up, and ran to the dancefloor, found ourselves a table to stand on and sung until our throats got sore. (At least I know I did).

The night was fun…but something about it was wierd. Don’t even want to go into the details, some stuff one has to keep to oneself to ponder about. Anyway, here are some photos from the evening. Hope you like my dress, chose an emerald green one fom H&M for the occasion. While it costs approximately £24 in Norway, it costs only £18 London! (Awesome being a Norwegian student abroad, right?). Also bought big dangling earrings to match it, plus silver shoes from New Look and a £5 silver purse from Marks & Spencer’s. God, I even curled my hair and wore eyeshadow. Something must have gone horribly wrong inside my little head last night.