NO!! NO NO NO! Not only did it snow briefly in London this morning, but the BBC forecasts are reporting heavy snow falls on Friday and Saturday. To all you people who haven’t seen snow before and are getting all excited – do you know what this means? 2 cm of snow, and the great metropolis of London is defeated. Buses stop. The underground stops. Cars stops. Trains stop. The whole city comes to a stop. If you are lucky enough to even get yourself to Luton/Stansted/Heathrow/Gatwick this weekend, don’t think for one second that you flight is gonna ever leave the ground. Ditta – if I don’t come to your birthday this year either, at least know that I tried to get off this island.

This is not what London looks like at the moment, but it is from last year illustrating the “heavy” snow showers  which took Londoners by surprise and put their whole city to a halt. In Norway we just laughed our heads off:

If I made anyone cry with this blog entry, do rest assured that Valerie and I just checked the Norwegian and American forecasts, and they predict sunny weather on Friday. So its up to you who you wanna trust – the Norwegians, the Americans or the Brits.