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Feeling extremely down nowadays, and I don’t really know why. Maybe it is all the essays. Maybe it is because I am longing to go home for Christmas. Or maybe it is because I miss having really close childhood friends around me. I just want to go home, and instead come back to London in January with a renewed sprit, ready to nail every challenge that comes my way.

Last weekend in London was sadly spent stuck in my room trying to understand advanced Chinese grammar and revising for my upcoming slide test on Wednesday. Everyone is busy nowadays, so there has been very little socializing. However, when I was invited to tag along to Portobello Market Saturday morning, I figured sitting from 10 am till 11 pm in my room studying Chinese wasn’t the best plan of action either for my physical or mental health, so I let Lida persuade me to come along together with Ines, Bobby and his friend Yvonne from Cambridge. Everyone else but me have probably seen “Notting Hill” (I tried once, really I did – but the DVD was broken), and if you’re a fan, do come to Portobello. The market runs all along Portobello Road, which is a street in the Notting Hill district in West London. Lots of scenes were filmed here, and apparantly the “oh my gawd its the blue door” is here as well, although from what I hear its been painted black. Otherwise when you are not chasing after the blue door and Hugh Grant’s bookstore, Portobello is a great place if you want to get hold of some antiques. If you’re a student just looking for cheap knick knocks and trinkets I’d urge you to rather go to Camden, but if you’re interested in investing money on old artifacts and to just discover how wierd the average Londoner really is, Portobello is great. However, don’t do like we did and arrive at 11 am in the middle of December. The crowds were a nightmare. The market opens at 6 am, and you are advised to be there at 9 am. At the very least. I’d go there at 6 am if I were you.

Now I am just really excited to get this slide test overwith, so that I can dance myself silly at the winter ball. Bought flat prom shoes just in order to outlast everyone on the dancefloor.