It is way past midnight on December 10th. That means term is ending in just eight days. It also means I have eight days to finish my essay and study for my slide test and my Chinese grammar and vocabulary test. Like everyone around me I am stressed and tense (snapping at my boyfriend everytime I talk to him), but I am not panicking. Despite having lived in a confused, yet euphoric bubble this whole first term just adjusting to London and university life, I have been pretty good at managing my time and distributing my work evenly, so that I am not stuck with four unfinished essays which I am desperately trying to complete in the space the last week. I also had an insanely efficient study day yesterday, somehow managing to write almost 1,500 words in less that fifteen minutes, resulting in me most probably being able to finish my essay tomorrow – two days earlier than anticipated. However, true to my nature, I am worrying because I am not worrying – wondering if I missed something crucial, or if my essays are simply just painstakingly bad since I’m already done writing them.

The thought that keeps me alive through these last stressful days is the excitement for the upcoming winter ball on the 16th, (yes, the dress has been purchased, and I look at it lovingly everyday), and the fact that I am going home to Norway in just nine days. However, despite being beyond excited to go back, I am having mixed feelings about returning to such a drastically different life. Will I miss London and the friends that I’ve made here? Or will it be as if London never excisted? Will I once again get so immersed in my old life that I will have difficulties returning to UCL?

When I was living in Beijing, it was as if Norway did not exist to me. Living alone in a buzzling city of 17 million people turned once familiar Norway into a complete, distant stranger. However, the moment I came back home, China evaporated from my mind in a split second. Even as of today, I ask myself “Cathrine, did you really go to Beijing?”. I think it is scary how much you come to love a place, but how easily it is ereased from your mind once it is no longer a part of your life. But then again, maybe it is also a good sign -signalizing that I am learning to adapt to different places more easily.

Oh, I have a question. I checked my blog stats the other day, and turns out I have an average of around 30 visitors per day. I rarely get any comments besides from the regular 3-4 same people, so I am just wondering: Who are you? Where you are from? Why you read my blog! I’d love to know! XXX