Yesterday (despite it being Wednesday) I went to Fabric, the much talked of London nightclub. In fact, together with the department store Primark, it has been the talk of the century amongst the UCL and Kings College freshers ever since I moved here. I usually have a principle of not doing weekday clubbing – a decision I made after once suffering a whole week after making the bad judgement of going clubbing on a Monday. I am starting to think there is something wrong with me – it seems as if to most UCL students, weekdays are a perfectly suitable time to go clubbing, and how they have the time and stamina is beyond my comprehension. It is especially difficult to grasp how law students seem to have more time on their hands to go partying than me, a “mere” History of Art student. The sole reason why I was to be seen at Fabric yesterday was because Lida had her Czech friend over for a visit, and I had promised her that we would all go clubbing so she could be introduced to the buzzling London nightlife.

Despite my reluctance to go out, I was actually quite eager to see Fabric, wondering if it was as overly hyped up as the severely dissappointing Ministry of Sound had been. When we eventually got there after two hours (you know how it is so hard to get one big group to move in one single direction) we finally arrived at “Oh my gawd guys, we’re at Fabric”. I’ll tell you – it was definitely as large as everyone made it out to be, the venue consisting of several rooms with red brick walls and steel staircases leading up to upper balconies and additional rooms. A bit of a maze actually. There were lots of places to sit in the form of leather couches, and they even provided leather beds for people in an advanced state of drunkenness. Judging by the amorous activities going on in the sofas, I couln’t even imagine what had been going on in the beds, and decided to remain standing for most of the evening. For those interested in more than standing, there was also a bouncing castle there – however it fell down.

Let's play a game! It is called "Spot the 3 half-Asians".

I love how all the boys have such a crazy expression in this photo...

All in all I really liked Fabric – and actually ended up enjoying myself a lot in the end despite initially not wanting to go. Lately I haven’t been in the mood for going out at all, which is quite a change from the first month when we all had a goal of being children of the night, conquering every London nightclub and roaming around the city streets in killer heels. No doubt my current reluctance to go out it is a combination of the insane workload I am facing at the moment (two tests and four essays due in December, thank you very much), in addition to the northern European winter getting me just a tad bit depressed. When it is freezing cold and pitch dark by 4:30 pm, sitting in my room stuyding is a lot more appealing to me than going out exploring London and having fun with my friends.  However, going clubbing again made me realize how much I’ve missed dancing and just letting my mind let go of things once in a while.