Was sitting here diligently in my chair wrapping up my essay, but then I got such an urge to share the events of this yet another wonderful day in London with all my equally diligent readers! (I know you are out there, you just don’t comment!).

I am of the impression that when living in a new country you should make every effort to intergrate and learn to appreciate the costums of your new surroundings. I think I have been pretty good at that everytime I have tried living in new places, and I really believe I am starting to create a second home for myself here in London. However, the culture you grew up with will always linger, and sometimes – epecially now as Christmas is approaching, I am feeling the need to go back to these old customs. Whenever I am having identity troubles (natural result of being a cultural hybrid), confused about where I really belong, I ask myself: If you had to celebrate Christmas at one place, where would it be? The answer is always Scandinavia. Scandinavia is in my heart, blood, blog and (after this market with gløgg and pepperkaker), also in my tummy.

I never thought anyone else but my Swedish classmate Marie would bother to come to a Swedish Christmas market, so I was really pleasantly surprised when both Helen, Joao, Ewa, Surabhi and Monica expressed their wishes to tag along! I really enjoyed introducing them to the various Scandinavian Christmas traditions, and especially watching their positive reactions as they got to taste gløgg and pepperkaker for the very first time. I sadly forgot to take photos in all my childish excitement of diving into the gløgg and lussekatte stalls, but my classmate Ewa Janisz is a wonderful photographer who kindly let me borrow her beautiful, athmospheric photos from the day. Enjoy, and let them put you in a Christmassy mood:

And to end this blog entry – here is my reaction when I found out that Pamela Anderson will be starring in one of the annual Christmas pantomimes:

And here is who I think they should replace her with: