Note to self: Don't sit like that Cathrine, you look like a five year old.

As much as I love the buzzling city life, sometimes I just need to get away from it. (Especially since I am a Norwegian country bumpkin by birth). Together with my art history coursemates Ewa, Helen and Rebecca, I went to Kenwood House, a lovely estate only half an hour outside central London. The estate was looking especially pretty at this time of year, and I never realized one could find such beautiful nature so close to London. Kenwood House itself can boast with holding paintings by Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Turner and Vermeer, all of them in which we started fangirling in front of. That is – Turner was the exception, as we had just finished an essay on him and were too fed up to care. Inside the estate there was also a Christmas gift shop, selling English mould wines, mustards, chutneys and jams. Took the opportunity to buy some exquisite, “exotic” English gifts for people back in Scandinavia, and they better be thrilled.

My favourite part of the whole estate was the beautiful grounds, the lake in front of the estate being strikingly reminicent of Pemberley House in “Pride and Prejudice”. Was hoping a certain Mr. Darcy would pop up in a wet, white shirt and declare his undying love to me (Mr. Darcy is allowed to be cheesy, but not Edward Cullen), but that never happened. Guess I will have to make do with my Swede for now. (And he isn’t too shabby actually).

I think this day might have been the best in London as of yet, especially because we art history girls are finally beginning to bond and get to know each other. It was hard to form friendships in the beginning, because after lectures everyone just tended to break up and head directly for home. However, now we have become better at taking the initiative to go to pubs and outings together, and I find myself loving my coursemates more and more as I get to know them. They are such a lovely group of giggly but intelligent girls, and I just get extremely cheerful everytime I am around them.