Friday night was spent with my dear hallmates Carmen and Azra watching a late night screening of “New Moon”, which premiered today. Was supposed to be unsocial and lock my little self up in my room working on my essay, but you can see how well that went.

I am one of the people who have a very critical approach to Twilight. Stephanie Meyer is an insult to litterature due to abominable writing (does she not know any other adjectives besides “cold” and “marble”?), severly weak plot lines and cringe-worthy dialogues. It is also frightening to see how many girls she has corrupted through Edward “amaagad he is so hawt” Cullen. Her notion of love is in my opinion nothing but sick. Edward Cullen is an obsessive stalker, an abusive, possessive male who, rather than treating his partner as an equal, degrades Bella to the status of a little child. The fact that Meyer portrays this type of person as a desirable boyfriend is seriously disturbing. Bella, the “heroine”, is a weak, dependent girl whose life evolves around nothing but Edward Cullen. What message is Meyer sending out to girls when she lets Bella drop out of uni, ditch all of her friends and treat everyone like crap in order to become Edward’s bride? She is the embodiment of the type of girl whom I hate: Girls who cannot lead a fullfilling life without their significant other half. 

Why do I see these movies? Because I am an evil, cynical creature who laugh myself to death when seeing Bella cry over Edward, hearing the two of them reciting cheesy love declarations to each other (seriously, has this couple nothing else to talk about?) and to join in on the collective applause when Jacob Black rips of his shirt and in general just walks around looking extremely buff throughout the whole movie. (The guy made me forget all about my popcorn). All the boyfriends who had been dragged along by their girlfriends to see “New Moon” must have been extremely uncomfortable as they sat in their seats, most likely thinking to themselves “Oh my, I need to go to the gym tomorrow”. Edward Cullen probably lost a lot of fans in this movie, as there was a collective dissapointed “Oh” when it was his turn to take his shirt off.

Definitely a movie to see if you want something completely mindless to laugh at, and I did as a matter of fact enjoy myself tremendously!