(I am so freaking tired, so forgive me for a badly structured blog entry).

Back home in London after a wonderful, recreational weekend in Sweden of visiting my boyfriend and his family. After living in a bubble for the past couple of months that never sleeps, that never stops to rest, it was fantastic to come home to good old Scandinavia and see that some things are safe, consistent and never changing. My boyfriend’s family’s house is still there – just as warm, just as welcoming, just as cosy as always. And their lovely cat Assar, the cutest, fattest and most pig-coloured cat in the world, is still the cutest, fattest and most pig-coloured cat in the world.

I had forgotten how cold and dark Scandinavia gets in November – but the joy of being back made me defy the weather, and I did not hesitate to run out in my thin summer converse, breathe in the fresh air and join my boyfriend’s parents for walks in the woods.

I was a lot more hesitant to being dragging by Henrik to a “Five Finger Death Punch” concert. The trials and tribulations of being a metal-girlfriend…

As much as I care for London, it has actually been quite harsh coming back. The bubble burst, and I now realize how much I actually miss home at times. As I woke up this morning I remembered that I am in fact a UCL student, and hours later I rolled out of bed, dragged myself to the showers and somehow managed to place my skinny little body on a chair in the main library to do some research on my upcoming material studies essay, where I am discussing instances where artistis have made deliberate choices in materials or in ways of using materials, and how these choices affect the appearance of paintings both at the time of making and now. Got home after dark, and being in a very unsocial mood I took my dinner up to my room and decided to do a final push to complete my essay on a critical review of two London exhibitions.  I managed, and I feel so relieved. Now I have one essay down, and three to go. 

In just thirty six days, I will be back in Sweden to celebrate Christmas, and keeping this in mind helps me get through these dark, cold and stressful last four weeks of term.