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I have done it. I have become a Primark-er. Primark is the low-price department store loved by housewives and teenagers alike – and now by me. To take a little break from our studies, Lida and I went to Primark on Oxford Street at 9:30 am today to beat the crowds and to do some serious shopping. A world of wonders opened up before me, and I have now turned into one of those annoying people who knock everyone else down with their shopping bags, run for the shelves, uncritically throw lots of junk into the basket just because it is so damn cheap, happily go to the cashier with an enormously large amount of stuff, and creating a huge queue behind me as I do so.

London is in a Christmassy spirit already, and as the capitalist west that we are, Christmas lights, Christmas presents and Christmas offers are already being shoved into our faces by stores claiming they “wish you a Merry Christmas”. The worst thing is that I am loving it, because ever since I booked my flight home for Christmas on 19th December, I haven’t been able to think about anything else! The Christmas lights on Oxford Street this year are decorated to accompany the new animated movie “A Christmas Carol”, which features Jim Carey and Colin Firth, both whom got the honours of swiching on the lights. So once again, nothing but a capitalist money-making circus, but at least the lighs cheer me up in this dark, dull November month!



London is an extremely crowded and exhausting place to go shopping, and I was originally aiming to buy all my Christmas presents in the more tranquil Oslo. However, shopping today made me realize how incredably stupid of me that would be, as the prices in London are so unbelievably much lower than the prices in the most expensive capital in the world. I got all these gorgeous stuff for a mere £41, and I am sadly not kidding when I say that in Norway, they would have gone for at least £80. I am especially loving my new red and silky Christmas pyjamas:


I am obtaining all the presents that I can here in London, although I must do it now before the crowds of panic-striken Christmas shoppers take over Oxford Street in December.  I have no idea how I am going to bring it all home to Norway and Sweden in the 15 kg gym bag I am taking on the plane, but I must manage somehow, even if that means bringing no clothes home for Christmas break and walking around naked the whole Christmas.

Now, a “Gingerbread Latte” from Starbucks to further get me into the spirit of Christmas, and to help me do some final reading before my test tomorrow:


Yes, it tastes like gingerbread, and I LIKE it!