I am swamped. At the beginning of term I was complaining about UCL being a slacker university because I found myself having the time to go out partying every night. Now I would very much like to withdraw those complaints, because I am all of a sudden swamped with essay assignments in both Art History and Chinese. (Seriously, sometimes it feels as if I am doing a double-honours). This week is reading week, and while everyone is spending the week catching up on their reading, essay writing or simply catching the first plane home to see their family and friends, I can do neither, as the History of Art Department decided to give us a test in the middle of freaking reading week! It is simply the essence of evil in my humble opinion. So while this week would have been the perfect opportunity for me to get all my four essays relatively done, I am instead spending all my time revising for my test which I have cursed over and over in my head throughout the last week. The test is on Wednesday, and I can’t wait for it to be over – because Thursday morning I am flying directly to Sweden to cuddle my boyfriend maintain a functioning relationship in the midst of everything that comes with a hectic university life. However, I am taking with me lots of printed articles to Stockholm, as I am hoping to finish at least one of my essays there while Henrik is in lectures. UCL is always with me.

I have four art history essays due between 20th November and 18th December. The one which is due next week is “A Critical Comparison of two London Autumn Exhibitions”, while the others are “Analasys of Critical Approaches in the History of Art”, “Different Notions of the Real in Northern and Italian Renaissance Art” and a Material Studies essay where I am to explore and discuss how artists have deliberately used different painting mediums and techniques, and how this has affected the appearance of the painting both at the time of making and now, after several centuries of detoriation. In addition to this I have a Chinese essay and a Chinese grammar and writing test coming up in December. Although I think I will survive the Art History assignments (although just barely, mind you), the Chinese is starting to freak me out. I LOVE studying Chinese, but the whole test has to be excecuted in Chinese characters, and while I can read them, I can’t write them. (Trust me, there is a huge difference there!). So I have (no kidding) a thousand hanzi I am ought to learn how to write in order not to flunk my test, in addition to having to brush up on my grammar which has witnessed a severe state of decay after I left China two years ago. I realized there is no point for me lying in bed reading up on Chinese grammar, because my brain just sends it all into oblivion the next day. I need to use the grammar structures in order to remember them, and hence the new folder in my blog menu. That is my newly created Chinese blog, where I will be writing highly irregular entries in Chinese in order to force myself to learn the language. One day I SHALL be tri-lingual! I SHALL!

I think I will start doing my Chinese essay now as a matter of fact. Been sitting for five hours revising and taking notes for my art history test, and I think I need some Chinese to “relax”.


Only the gods know how I would survive without my Swedish noteboard.


My Chinese homework. Yes, I wrote all that. You are allowed to worship me.


Cathrine, the well-established student of doom.