After being utterly pissed off at myself for missing out on Jim Carey and Colin Firth aka. MR DARCY lightning the Christmas lights in Oxford Street and Regent’s Street earlier this week, I have promised myself to read TimeOut London EVERY day in order to keep myself constantly updated on current events in the exciting city that is London. So, in the middle of being completely screwed due to a thousand things to do before going to Sweden on Thursday, I took the time to go to Alexandra Palace to see the fireworks in attence of Guy Fawkes Day, as I did not want to miss out on that as well. Sometime during the 17th century, a man named Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the British Parliament, and every year Britons celebrate his failure to do so by sending up fireworks in what is apparently known as “Bonfire Week” here in London. I don’t care if it made me lag behind on my reading (I mean, who isn’t behind on their reading anyway) – I saw the most spectacular fireworks I have ever seen my whole life! I was chocking up in tears, because I kept thinking about how beautiful and precious life really is as  I was looking up at the wondrous colours before me. (God, it sounds like I was smoking weed the whole evening).

Stole these pictures from Jia’s friend Wai Wong…I hope he won’t mind me stealing his lovely pictures: