Feeling (although most undeservedly, I am sure) extremely proud and accomplished, as I spent four hours in the library yesterday doing research for my essay on gallery comparisons, and three hours at home getting all the required 2000 words down. (Although they are to be heavily edited).  A week of superseding visits from friends, family and boyfriend have naturally resulted in a shamefully little amount of studying, and hence I am at this stage over-obsessing. I have done the all the crucial readings for all my courses, but those who know me will remember that I am your regular Hermione Granger, and that something goes terribly wrong in my neurotic little head if I don’t get to throw myself over all the suggested readings as well, plus being way ahead of everyone else in all subjects. And as I am none of the above, I can only conclude that in this first half of the first term there has been way too many enjoyable visits and way too much partying – because I always find time for suggested readings otherwise. I can feel it in my body too. Lately there has been too much drama; one friend got his drink spiked, another one ended up in hospital, way too many people have lost their cellphones – and most of us are starting to feel rather tired and fed up. I think I am reaching the point where the novelty of being a Fresher is wearing off, and I just need to be on my own for a little while, focusing on my reading and hobbies. I can’t wait for reading week to commence. I am going to be disguistingly unsocial and put up a tent in the UCL library where I will do nothing but reading from dusk ’till dawn, completely ignoring my meals and personal hygiene (Okay, perhaps not that extreme). Thursday of reading week I am going to see my boyfriend in Sweden, and it will be a wonderful experience to once against breathe in the cold, fresh air of Scandinavia, listening to the silence and huddling up in my boyfriends armpit. To be honest, even though I am loving it here and believe coming to UCL to be the smartest thing I have ever done, I am starting to miss Scandinavia for the first time ever since I got here. Not because I am miserable or lonely and want to go home – but because all the Christmas lights on Oxford Street and the Christmas advertisements in Norwegian and British newspapers are reminding me that December is approaching, and that the blinking, colourful Americanized Christmas of Great Britain cannot compare to the magical, snowy Christmas of Norway and Sweden, where the decorations are made out of twigs and cones from the forest, and the all the clear, white Christmas lights are looking like tiny little fairies in the dark.

Last weekend was Halloween. Was originally planning on going to “Full Moon”, a Halloween Rave at Elephant & Castle, and I actually purchased tickets for Henrik, Valerie and myself. The rest of the group was supposed to do the same, but when the weekend came nobody wanted to go out, and hence I got stuck with three tickets that I never managed to sell. The whole evening was rather pathetic – we just wandered around from hall to hall finding none of the hall parties to be particularly good. By 1 am Henrik and I were back in my room eating instant noodles and watching “Scrubs” instead. We did as a matter of fact make an effort to dress up though, and there were at least a couple of Londoners in the streets that we could flaunt our costumes to. Here is Henrik as the Grim Reaper, while I am supposed to be the eurasian version of Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill. (Yes, I made the spikes on the chain ball myself!).