Ok, so clubbing at a Monday night when you have a 9 am lecture Tuesday morning was perhaps not the smartest thing to do – but oh god was it worth it. Every Monday night is student night at The Den, a nightclub which is really close to UCL and my hall of residence. It is not particularly big, but with a £5 entrance fee and £1.50 drinks, it is a really popular destination for party-hungry students like myself, who have decided to play hard and work hard, and in general live out the urban jetset life for the next three years while my body is still up for it. And yes, I attended today’s 9 am lecture and understood everything the lecturer was talking about. So in your face.

(And as for the old guy in the second photo – I have no idea who he was, other than that he was high on weed and enjoyed molesting innocent little school girls like myself).