Taking a fifteen minutes break from my reading to give you enthusiastic readers an account of my highly fascinating weekend:

Friday: Went to the UCL Union Bar, met some fun new people, tasted a disguisting peach flavoured vodka and in general giggled a great deal. The whole group then headed to Crush, and LSE student club, which really wasn’t at all living up to the hype. The place looked like a gym, and hence reminded us more of a high school party rather than a club, and we all regretted spending £6 to get in. In the lack of LSE girls, all the drunken LSE guys started molesting us UCL girls instead, resulting in Joao, Tarek and Bobby being knights in shining armour and acting out as our boyfriends for the night. We left at 1: 30 am and had kebab instead. 


Saturday: We went down to the embankment to see Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and the Millenium Eye stunningly lit up at night. My heart has a soaring affection towards Big Ben:


Sunday: Spent five freaking hours doing my Mandarin homework and translating Chinese characters for next week’s lecture. A complete nightmare, but I am determined to stay at the advanced level. (That way I am forced to actually work on my Chinese). But seriously, somebody save me from this:


At 8 pm I gathered some of the Connaught Hall girls together in the common room to watch a couple of episodes of “Pride & Prejudice”. (Brought the 1995 BBC version with me from Norway). We were all very glad to escape life and studies for a while, and instead occupy our minds on more pleasant things…Mr. Darcy.

Monday: Mondays I have no lectures, so Mondays are library/gallery/reading days. After returning some books to the library and coming home with a bunch of new ones, I happily skipped to Starbucks (which is honesty completely overrated – my lattes/moccas/cappuchinos are so much better than theirs) and got myself a chai latte and and apple and cinnamon muffin that I was going to enjoy while embarking on my 6 hours reading marathon on pre-1400s painting techniques. After destroying my laptop keyboard I had promised myself never to drink tea again, but decided to make an exception with the chai latte – thinking I had learnt my lesson. But oh no. I trip over a wire, my desk lamp falls down, and drags with it my chai latte (consisting of 99 % milk), which is spilled all over my ENGLISH CARPETED FLOOR! After a sufficient amount of swear words, I threw myself over the carpet with water, washing detergents and a sponge while cursing Starbucks and its excistence. So, precious reading time was spent scrubbing the whole carpet to get rid of the sour, milky smell. Why do the Britons ALWAYS insist on having carpets?! And why do I ALWAYS insist on having tea?! Argh! Anyway, got my act together, got my reading on pre-1400’s painting techniques done – gonna memorize some more Chinese characters – and then I am going clubbing. On a Monday you say? This is London student life!