I love intellectuals and smart people. Or, actually I hate them – but that is only because I admire them so much to the extent that they make me feel inferior. When you live and breathe in a place like UCL – surrounded by annoyingly smart people – you suddenly realize how little you know. I have always valued higher education. Not because it might present you with better and wider career prospects, but because it can widen your horizon and extend your knowledge far beyond the subject you study – if you are open for it. I love studying History of Art, but at the same time I would like to gain a wider knowledge on subjects outside my major. I spend most of the time studying the past and how art has reflected society (or how society has reflected the arts) throughout the ages of mankind. I would like to use my opportunity here at UCL to also learn about the current. I feel as if the more knowledge I have been absorbing, the more I am craving. I have therefore set myself a goal of attending a free, public lunch or evening lecture once a week. These public lectures are held at various colleges such as UCL, LSE, Royal Academy, Imperial etc, covering themes such as global finance, human rights, feminism, globalization and other hot topics. By the time these three years are up, I am going to come back to Norway (if I ever bother to come back home that is) as an intellectual and academic! (With my feet securely placed on the ground that is).

Today I was supposed to attend the Nordic Society’s screening of the Swedish movie “Fucking Åmål” together with Bianca and Bobby. Recieved an e-mail that the location had been moved to room D103 in 25 Gordon Street, but when we got there, there was no room D103. After rummaging around various Gordon Street buildings scanning the grounds for Scandinavians, I gave up. Bobby suggested we should rather go to a public lecture on Penisology in the Cruciform building at 6:30 pm, as some of his friends were going. We got Valerie, Joao and Ines to join us too, and got to our seats while in a very giggly state of mind. And so ladies and gentlemen – my first step on the road towards intellectualism was a lecture on penisology and the sex life of bed bugs! You’ve gotta love UCL:


Today I also went to the Tate Modern to see the exhibition “POP LIFE: Art in a Material World” to do some further research for my essay on critical exhibition comparison. Got off at Mansion House Underground Station just so I could get an excuse to walk across the Millennium Bridge with St. Pauls Cathedral towering over me in the background. The bridge was sadly small compared to the shots in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and neither were there any death eaters present ready to twist and destroy the bridge as I went over it. How disappointing.



The Tate Modern exhibition was wonderful – I particularly enjoyed the sections on Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami, showing how the artists have exploited the mass media to blur out the difference between art and brand. I was – however – really exhausted and fed up by the time I reached the exit. Concession tickets + audio guides cost me £14.50, and because it was so expensive I could not risk having to come back at a later stage to get more details and references. Hence I stayed at the Tate Modern for three hours fevereshly taking notes and listening and re-listening to the audio guides in order not to miss out on anything. I am quite pleased with the info that I gathered though, and I am starting to form an outline in my head on how I wish to angle my essay. I do recommend everyone to visit this exhibition!


And before I say good night – some more UCL loving! (Even though I still think they are sadists):