Let me just quickly share with you some photos from last Saturday, which saw the annual “Get Naked Party” in the basement bar of Connaught Hall – a costume party where you can wear anything but clothes. Of the ones in our group, Valerie and I live in Connaught, and we decided we should bring all of our friends from Ramsay and Campbell house and have them dress up as characters from Greek mythology. I was so impressed by everyones’ costumes – and especially impressed by the boys who made such an effort to get into their characters!


"Hi, I'm Cathrine, and I actually made an effort this time".


Me as a muse in all my toga glory. I never thought that wearing a curtain would make me feel like a million dollars!


Our Zeus applying his beard. It was funny to see how the dancefloor was mysteriously covered with cotton balls as the evening progressed...


Our adorable Apollo!<3


Enjoying my spot between Eros (Cupid) and Zeus!


Aphrodite, Artemis and the muse of History.


Posing with homemade crossbows!


The whole spectrum of Greek mythology - except Hades, who got sick.

The party ended quite abruptly with the whole group collapsing onto various chairs due to cough attacks. Two weeks, and we are still not over the freshers’ flu. At midnight we gave up, and Cupid and I ended up consuming huge amounts of green tea to put a stopper to the coughing. At 2 am we were so hungry that we went to Campbell house for some cheese on toast and the remains of Cupid’s roasted chicken, while staying up ’till 6 am watching “Casino Royale”. Being sick is fun! And I got Cupids’ pink, sparkly wings!