This is just an entry to show everyone who believes I am overexposed on Facebook party photos (Henrik, mom etc.), and everyone else who is wondering where geeky little Cathrine went off to – that I DO IN FACT STUDY! Thing is that nobody bothers to take photos of me reading and then publish them on Facebook – they prefer photos of me dancing on Ministry of Sound speakers with somebody’s tie tied around my head.

Lectures started for real this Monday, and at the moment we are covering Graeco-Roman architecture and sculpture in the ancient world. So here you can see my desk in all its splendour, filled with books on symbolism and Greek mythology:


Lectures so far have been very different from what I’m used to, and I am still making up my mind about them. The UCL prospectus stated that no prior knowledge of art history was required – however, I find lectures to be at a pretty advanced level, and extremely different from high school lectures where we would go through every single period of style in a detailed, chronological order. We only have 2-3 hours of lectures a day, as opposed to the biological engineering students who have 30 hours a week. However, art history requires a lot of self-study and research, as we are barely given any basic information on styles and periods of art history at all in class. We are expected to figure that out for ourselves. It is frustrating in one way to be left so entirely on your own – on the other hand it is revitalizing being challenged. This first term is definitely going to be an experimental one, as I am trying to find a study rythm and how to extract important knowledge from insignificant knowledge, and useful books from less useful books. I feel insecure, I feel scared that I cannot trust myself to extract and recognize important information – but I am still feeling my way around, and I will get there eventually.