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Wednesday was the grand finale of Freshers’ Forthnight; The Freshers’ Ball at the world famous Ministry of Sound! It was so much fun seeing all our boys in suits, and even more fun for us girls to steal their ties as the evening progressed! Stole half of these photos from Tarek and Bobby – hope they don’t mind:


No, Valerie and I were not planning on matching dresses...


Found some delicious heels on sale for £5!! Henrik hates them. I love love love them.


There is nothing like a bit of decent dancing on speakers! In ten years I will be too old to do it, so better do it now!


Bianca and I on the dancefloor! (I think Tarek's tie looks good on me).


There is just something about the Eastern Europeans and their immense energy level...


I love the diversity of UCL! (Trying hard to squeeze myself into the photo).


BOBBY: Cathrine...Your eyes are really small and Chinesey! ME: Bobby, are you really the right person to be commenting on that?!


Me, Jia and Muz!


They were so elegant and classy just an hour before...

To be honest, we were all really dissapointed by Minstry of Sound as a venue. It is supposed to be one of the world’s most legendary nightclubs, but from the outside it was shabby and insignificant, and on the inside it was really small. We also found the staff and bouncers to be extremely rude. To me it feels as if Ministry of Sound has become so famous they don’t care to make an effort anymore. The night was wonderful despite it all though – thanks to ties and excellent company!

Now I must hit the books again – reading about nudity and eroticism in ancient Greek sculpture, and it is truly fascinating!