I knew it. Everything was going too well for me. I was excempted from taking the IELTS test, I was granted a home tuition fee status, I adapted unexpectedly smoothly to my new surroundings by loving my hall, my new friends, my new city, my university…of course something had to go bad in the end, right? Not bad in the sense that I’ve got a wisdom tooth finally coming out and that it unables me to open my mouth to even eat rice, and neither in the sense that our whole group of friends have caught the infamous “Freshers’ flu” due to overexcessive handshaking and living on top of each other. It is more of what happened as a result of the freshers’ flu. I was sitting in my room yesterday feeling like a complete snotty wreck, trying to sit upright while printing out some pdf files that we were required to read prior to our first core course on Friday. In order to dampen my sniffs and coughs, I had a cup of hot tea next do my beautiful pink, and (almost) brand new laptop. And yes. DON’T YOU THINK THIS STUPID GIRL MANAGED TO SPILL TEA ALL OVER IT?! I cursed, shouted lots of nasty words and threw myself over it with Kleenex tissues. Luckily it didn’t shut down and die, but when I restarted it the keyboard would not work. I left it to dry for a couple hours, but something short-circuited inside the keyboard making the keys completly unreliable. Bobby and I were supposed to go to Chinatown to thrive on some dim sum this morning, but I cancelled it as I was practically half in tears by the tought of having a dysfunctional laptop just as term was about to commence. Kindly Bobby offered to be my moral support and follow me to Tottenham Court Road instead, where I could get it fixed. We ended up at McDonalds for brunch (cosy, albeit still not dim sum) , and when PC World finally opened the repair guy told me that the motherboard was broken. I was like “motherboard what?!”, and he explained to me that the whole underside of the laptop had to be changed. (Both Bobby, dad and Henrik beg to differ, because the rest of the laptop is still working perfectly fine). Instead of leaving it with PC World for two weeks and paying a staggering £229 to change the motherboard, I decided to buy and external keyboard that will have to make do for now, and instead have dad help me replace the keyboard of my laptop in December when I get back to Norway. I am pretty sure the motherboard is fine, because I am typing away on my external keyboard right now.

Now that I have cooled down and am no longer in tears, I must admit that having the freshers’ cold has its advantages and bright moments too. (Except from when you spill tea that is). Due to illness and Londonish weather, we all had to cancel our picnic in Regent’s Park. It was a bit of a shame since I had such an urge to feed ducks, but instead Tarek, Valerie, Bobby and I ended up watching a movie in Bobby’s room and having a picnic consisting of tea, toast and honey on his grass-green carpet. It was one of those small moments in life that you cherish – a bunch of coughing, pathetic-looking sick people sitting on the floor in their slippers and PJ’s, whispering to each other a deep conversation while devouring an uncomplicated meal which at that time tastes better than anything one has ever tasted before. In the end we ended up in Bobby’s small single bed spreading eachoher’s germs around and feeling sorry for ourselves.


The freshers' flu gang...

Tonight I was supposed to go over to Campell House with the rest of the group to cook a homemade meal at Tarek’s place, but I had to skip it. I’ve been pushing myself to the limit with all this partying and socializing, and I realize that I need to take care of my health and start getting some reading done. (Believe it or not – I do attend university!). Besides I am sort of organizing a tour to the British Museum tomorrow, as all the HoA students are advised to visit certain galleries before each lecture – and I sort of feel an obligation to turn up. I am also meeting Valerie for breakfast at 8:15 am, so I can go to Waterstone’s and the UCL Main Library really early in the morning to get hold of some books I need to start reading tomorrow afternoon. So lots of rest, reading and essay planning for me tonight! No more partying! And no more freaking tea. EVER! I curse my stupidity everytime I look down at my new, external keyboard – but try to be positive and tell myself that now I can at least write essays and blog entries again.