Let me just state that I do not look this trashy in real life. Thursday was the famous CLUB NEON UV Rave @ Fire, one of the most popular parties that take place during the UCL Freshers’ Forthnight, where the objective is to dress up in whites and neons in order to glow as much as possible in the flourescent disco lights. As Thursday also happened to be Lida’s 19th birthday, we decided to make something extra of it, and started off the evening with a pre-party at Ramsay Hall. Earlier that afternoon, Valerie, Joao, Ines and I had gone to the lovely Covent Garden and bought nineteen of the cutest little cupcakes in the world as a little surprise for Lida. At Covent Garden, Valerie and I also got hold of matching “I love London” T-shirts in order to show our love of the British capital at the UV rave.

We had so much fun during the pre-party enjoying the extremely delicious cupcakes, decorating each others faces with floursencent paint, and trying to enhance our already excisting tackiness. Worst thing is that we could have passed for regular Londoners, because British girls are infamous for dressing tacky and tasteless, something I have witnessed at Piccadilly.
















As with KOKO, Fire was PACKED, and due to air-condition not being a huge thing in Britain, it was absolutely boiling. So much to the extent that I was wondering if it was even legal to put so many people together in such a warm location. We all defied the heat though, and had a great time in spite of it! It was basically two dance floors – on with lousy techno that nobody had ever heard before, and one that played all the big R’n’B/trance hits that everyone knew and could sing to. Naturally everyone cramped into the latter, as the other one was really boring! After a couple of hours the DJ’s started throwing out glowsticks, and it was a battle of life and death trying to get hold of one. I got five in the end, and was so proud of myself. I have come to the conclusion that I am absolutely in love with glowsticks, and had tons of fun skipping around with them.

Now I need tea. All this gallivanting has got me the infamous Freshers’ cold, and I still have the words “FANGBANGER” written out across my back. (I think “fang” was a reference to vampires – but let me just state once and for all that I detest Edward Cullen with my body and soul).