Good evening Sydney! Good evening Tokyo! Good evening New York! Good evening Paris! GOOD EVENING LONDON!!

Did I mention student life in London is amazing? To hell with Oxford and Cambridge – when it comes to location, there is nothing like UCL! I bet the Oxbridge students can’t party half as much as the UCL students up there in their secluded university campuses. Yesterday was the night we had all been waiting for: The Freshers’ Fiesta @ KOKO to launch us all into freshers’ forthnight! We had all been filled with excitement the whole day, and especially our group, as we were deprived of clubbing after our slighly pathetic venture out to Piccadilly the previous evening. This night however, was everything but pathetic! We started off with a lovely guided “London by Night Tour” in an open double decker bus, and afterwards we headed to Camden High Street and the Freshers’ Fiesta! I can safely tell you that university parties are a huge upgrade from high school parties. While the high school parties in Norway were held in the school’s shabby gym, UCL parties are held at London’s top venues! Before being allowed to enter we had to get in a queue, show our tickets, show our IDs, tick off our names on the guest list – and have our bags checked by security guards. However, when we finally got in it was all worth it, because KOKO was more incredable than anything I’ve ever seen. The venue was fantastic! It looked like an old theatre in the lines of Phantom of the Opera (pictures taken from


The club was absolutely packed with people, and on the dancefloor there was more of a wrestling match than a dance. It was really hard to breathe, and people were accidentally punching eachother in the face and rubbing their limbs up against one another. However, we later moved up to the balcony where we had more space, and the feeling I got up there while watching the view, dancing to the music and just letting go of everything was indescribable! I think dance club experiences are pretty much what you choose to make of them. If you are boring and refuse to do anything but to sulk in a corner, it will be boring. If you choose to let go and dance no matter how stupid you look, it can might as well become the best night of your life. I barely had anything to drink (I’m not a big drinker), but I got so caught up in the moment, and in my euphoria I basically stood with my head over the balcomy rail headbanging most of the night. I was just laughing and smiling non-stop, because in my head I realized that I for the first time in almost two years, I was finally living my life. I have never felt as alive – or as happy to be alive – as I did last night.


Today I feel slightly like crap. I only had one cider, but I was awakened by the cleaner who started vacuuming my room while I was still half asleep in my bed. Meeting up with my fellow art history mates Lida and Jia Yun later for a coffee, and tonight Azra and I are gonna try working out the laundry machine together. It we fail, at least it is less embarrasing when we are two!