I live in a hall. A hall with set meal times. Sometimes you go down to these meals and you don’t know anyone. What do you do? Do you find a table all to yourself, or do you very humbly ask some random people if you can sit with them? I have decided to go with the latter, and I always find that they are all suprisingly welcoming and enthusiastic. None of the people I knew from before was down at breakfast last morning, so I grabbed my breakfast tray and went up to a group of Singaporians and, slightly excusing, asked if I could sit with them. What do I know, one minute later we were chatting and laughing like crazy, and it was such great fun! One of the girls even told me that two Asian guys on the table next to us had been discussing me, saying that I looked like Arwen from Lord of the Rings. I laughed so much I almost crashed my head into my scrambled eggs. My boyfriend loves Liv Taylor, and never once has he said that I look even remotely like Arwen! They must be blind – I come down to breakfast in shabby sportswear with the graze of a drunken hippo. No way I can be Arwen. But thanks anyway, I will take it as a compliment.

Lida, Bobby (a Malaysian guy I met at the UCL Welcome Reception) and I had discussed how fun it would be to go to the Natural History Museum at South Kensington to see the live sized dinosaur skeletons they held there. Friday he texted me asking if I wanted to join him, and told me to bring some friends along too. I’ve always thought I was an exceptionally uncool and geeky person for liking museums and Jane Austen, and I did not actually expect to find likeminded people who were interested in doing anything beyond clubbing and drinking. But what would I know – I am at a UNIVERSITY! This place is filled with proud, like-minded geeks! When I mentioned to the Singaporians at breakfast that we were trying to get together a little group to go to the Natural History Museum, they all jumped at the idea! So while Bobby and I were expecting a group of maybe three or four, we were a merry party of eleven! Getting everyone on the tube and making sure everyone was heading for the right direction was a bit of a challenge, but we finally made it in the end. The Natural History Museum was absolutely stunning, and the dinosaur skeletons were awesome! Sadly it was so packed, and I had to fight my way through hordes of families with baby carriages. I think I will come back on a weekday.




Friday night I felt really guilty for having sat in my room watching Sex & The City and not socializing. I was exhausted and needed the rest, but at the same time I discovered I do not work well on my own nowadays. At home in Norway there is no bigger favour you can give me than to leave me alone, but I find that when I’m alone here the homesickness starts crawling in, and I start missing my boyfriend excruciatingly. Therefore I definitely came along to the opening of the UCL Union Bar on Gordon Street last night together with people from my hall, International Hall and Ramsey Hall. I had so much fun and I met some really great new peope. It is so amazing to see how I find myself chatting to people as if I have known them for ages, and I cannot believe that I have lived here for just less than a week! In a week London feels so much more like a home than Beijing ever did.


We all wanted to go clubbing after socializing at the UCL Union Bar, and a large group of us headed to Piccadilly Circus where Amy knew the bouncer at the Pep-C club who could get us in cheaply. (Or something like that). I thought we were taking the tube – and I currently curse the person who decided we should WALK all the way from Gordon Street to Piccadilly. If I had known, I would definitely not have worn my little dolly high heels. When we finally got to the club called Pep-C, we were stopped at the door because some of the guys were wearing sneakers. I’m used to just crashing any old club in Beijing, but apparently in London a lot of the clubs are really posh, and you need a certain type of shoes to get in! It was as if we could practically wear anything, just DON’T WEAR SNEAKERS IN LONDON CLUBS! The bouncer said that they had so keep a certain standard because “we have lots of celebs coming here” etc. Screw Posh & Becks, what do I care if they see my sneakers? It’s not gonna kill them, is it? Everyone were really tired after the walk, some had sobered up – and I had definitely reached my anti-climax and was no longer set on dancing all night long. My feet were killing me, and I had to take my shoes of in the middle of Piccadilly. We had no idea where to go, and we were reluctant to go to most of the clubs because their entrance fees were beyond our price range. After walking around for ages we pathetically ended up at McDonalds. So ladies and gentlemen, my first Saturday in London was basically one of walking around Piccadilly Circus for two hours in my socks. You’ve got to love London life.

saturday night