I can’t tell you how amazing this is! Student life in London is AMAZING! Yesterday marked the start of the International Students’ Orientation Programme (ISOP), and just as Bianca and I were about to exit our hall, we randomly bumped into a girl named Valérie from the US, plus three guys from Mauritius – and they all turned out to be going to the UCL ISOP event. We were all thrilled to see fellow UCL students (everyone in our hall so far have been King’s College students), and decided to go together to as a cute little group. 

When we reached UCL I didn’t care how geeky I looked – I just pulled my camera out and got Bianca to take a photo of me fangirling in front of the UCL main building. The main building is really impressive, and we were all in awe of the prestigious athmosphere it emitted. We could not belive we were actually university students at a top university in the middle of London! After picking up our fat heavy welcome package, we went inside for a formal welcome speech and an hours introduction talk. I noticed that 70 % of the international students were ethnically East Asian. Why IS that? Is it because they derive from some highly intelligent gene pool, or does Europeans simply don’t go to university? 

After the formal welcome and introduction talk, everyone were super chatty – all talking on top of each other and all trying to drag eachother to different events. We were trying to find a pub where we could all eat lunch, but we all just got stuck talking to lots of random people, so it took us forever to get from the main building to the eateries at Tottenham Court Road. I met people from all around the world in the space of just a few minutes: The US, Latvia, Portugal, Sweden, Iran, Malaysia etc, and later in my hall as I was going to the bathroom, I met a really cute Vietnamese girl who just moved into my corridor. (I am so glad to see there are new girls moving in every day, because for a person who was looking forward to girly chats in the bathroom, it has so far been very sad and empty). Everyone I’ve chatted to so far have been great – they all come from such different places and have such different backgrounds, and everyone is really interesting and intelligent – many with high academic achievements. It is hard not to feel inferior to some of them, but I feel as if I have become smarter and more worldy than I was just two days ago, simply by chatting to them! It is hard memorizing everyones’ names and courses, because you meet and greet so many people at once – but I try catching everyones’ phone number so I can save their names and contact details on my phone.

I had so much fun getting to know everyone, and I cannot wait to meet my fellow History of Art course mates next week! Here are some pictures from the day:






London life is AWESOME I tell you, AWESOME! (Forgive me for the bad English and bad punctuation – I am just so exhausted after having been so social!).