For days I’ve been trying to put words to my throughs. My ex-boyfriend nailed it. He and a couple of his friends just left for a 6 months biking trip through South America, and on their website, he described how he was feeling the day before take-off. I could not have said it better myself: My head is empty. After having thought of nothing but university and London preparations for the past few weeks,  my head simply said stop and short-circuited. The brain reached a saturation point where it just could not take in anymore information, and now I am living in a surrealistic daze, not realizing that from tomorrow, London is my home. I stare into the wall and feel absolutely nothing – I am completely devoid of all human emotion. There is nothing more I can do. Despite feeling unprepared, I am as ready as I’ll ever be. I need to realize that no matter how much effort I put into the preparations, I can never ever be a 100 % ready for everything that awaits. It is happening NOW, and all I can do is go for it with all the guts I have. (Which is surprisingly little now that I think about it). Note to self: Come on Cathrine – you survived Beijing, a city of 17 million! Sure you can do London, a city of “only” 7 million! *Slaps herself*

Things I am going to love about living in London:

  • Drowning my fish’n’chips in vinegar. (Vinegar is the one thing we need to use more of in Norway!)
  • Terry’s Orange Chocolate
  • Walker’s Crisps
  • A full fat English breakfast

Things I am going to miss about Norway:

  • The Scandinavian houses…sorry all you lovely Britons, but your houses are freaking drafty!
  • Norwegian goat cheese and “melkepletter”
  • A snowy December
  • Having the hot and cold water in a joint tap

Been doing some final packing throughout the day. Suddenly I find something useful (“Ah, a toothbrush cup”), and throw it into my now increasingly heavy suitcase. Also framed some of my favourite photos, so that I can take them to London and remind myself of the good times everytime I should feel a little homesick. (Ray and I “jogging” in Central Park is a classic). I have also packed lots of random stuff that I am sure I can get in London (I mean – it’s LONDON), but since for the first time in my life I realize that I have a limited budget, I am bringing ridiculous things like tea from home. It will probably come out looking like dried weed through the airport x-ray machines, resulting in me getting stopped and refused an entry into the UK.

With these words I take my leave of you and of my country.