The good old gang from High School has dramatically declined in numbers. Helenur went to join the army. Siren went to county college on the west coast. The turn has come to me now, and tomorrow morning I too shall be gone. Yesterday evening, the two remaining gang members Kristinur and Ditta arranged a little farewell dinner for me at Kristinur’s place. I definitely needed an evening away from the stress and hazzard of packing and preparing, and decided it was only good for my health to stay the night, although initially planning not to. Ditta had burnt a CD containing horribly embarrassing music that we secretly love, and we danced and skipped around to it in the kitchen while preparing a home made meal consisting of squash filled with minced meat, onions, melted cheese and salsa. Whilst eating we giggled and cried our way through the Sex and the City-movie, before making hot chocolate and giggling our way through “Bend it like Beckham”. (Fine, I still totally have the hots for Jonathan Rhys Meyers, despite him playing that bastard Henry VIII in “The Tudors”…).


I am going to miss these girls so much – I can only hope and pray that my Londonian friends will be half as giggly as they are! Luckily Ditta and Kristinur are coming to see me in London in October! I can’t wait!