My head is positively exploding. One week left ’till I am off to London, and despite having read through the UCL website’s checklist for the hundredth time, I am still feeling so confused I am on the verge of a mild breakdown. There is simply so much information to take in at once, and I am not sure if my highly mortal brain can memorize it all. Tomorrow I am going to buy a calendar book to write things down and get my head sorted out. There are so many dates, info sessions, addresses and enrolment procedures to remember. First there is the formal enrolment with UCL where I will recieve my ID card. Then I have to run around and attend lots of various introduction talks about the greatness of UCL and London. In-between talks I also need to enrol with the health care service, library service, IT service etc. During my spare time I must immediately make sure to open a UK bank account (God knows how I do that), get myself a UK phone number (God knows how I do that), get an Oyster travelling card and select my course modules. And if this isn’t enough, I have to be social on top of it all and attend the hundreds of various Freshers’ Events arranged by the UCL Union, and the tea parties at my hall of residence. Every night there is a new event going on at some fancy club or bar, all starting at 10 pm and ending at 3 am. Not saying I don’t wish to join in, but call me a complete geek – haven’t we got lectures to attend early in the mornings?

 freshers calendar

26.09: Opening night. 27.09: Freshers’ Fiesta. 28.09: VODPOP Skool Disco. 29.09: Fused @ Egg. 30.09: Ministry of Comedy. 01.10: Club Neon. 06.10:  VODPOP Pajama Party. 07.10: UCLU Freshers’ Ball @ Ministry of Sound.

How do some people manage to possibly attend all of these events, and how do the rest possibly manage to choose WHAT event to attend? I do feel I should at least show up for some club nights, as I don’t want to miss out on anything during the once-in-a-lifetime Freshers’ week, or miss out on the social aspect of student life! So far I’ve booked tickets for the UCLU Freshers’ Ball @ Ministry of Sound. That one seems to be the biggest and most popular event, so I will definitely want to drag myself out to that one. As we’ve got Monday 28th off in attendance to the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, perhaps I will sign up for the UCLU Freshers’ Fiesta on Sunday 27th also. I guess that should be sufficient in order to come off as relatively social – WHILE at the same time not being suspended from UCL for not showing up for compulsory talks at 9 am in the morning.

I was quite worried when I booked tickets for the UCL Freshers’ Ball, because I didn’t know a single soul attending. (I just figured I needed to get my hand on a ticket before they sold out!). However, I managed to get in contact with some other UCL History of Art freshers through Facebook, and fortunately I am not the only one going to all of these events and worrying about being alone and friendless! It is such a relief to find that there are people out there freaking out as much as I am, and I am feeling a lot more relaxed than I did a week ago.

I tell you, if I survive Freshers’ week I will be very proud of myself – and I shall definitely let you know if I do!