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London_studier1_webYesterday afternoon was spent in the “exciting” capital of Norway, otherwise known as Oslo. In my opinion a pathetic excuse for a capital – not so much that it is small, I could easily forgive that. Rather the fact that the city is a pile of litter, graffiti, drug addicts, beggars and prostitutes. I am sure London accommodates all of the following, but at least it can redeem itself by having exciting places to visit. Only reason I even bothered to venture into Oslo yesterday was because all the top London colleges (Imperial, King’s College, London School of Economics and UCL) were holding an information and presentation session at the Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel. It was aimed mostly at prospective students thinking of studying in London; explaining to them about the application procedures, tuition fees and how they could expect fierce competition if applying to either colleges. (The ego in me wanted to jump up and say “I got in, haha in your face”, but decided to refrain from this). Despite being aimed at potential London students, I found it worthwhile to attend anyway. Firstly, because I had always had a hankering to see what it was like inside the Radisson SAS. Secondly, because it was fun hearing them talk about how awesome London is, and how we would benefit from living and studying there. And thirdly, I guess I was also nourishing a secret hope of meeting other UCL freshers whom I could instantly befriend and drag with me to all the UCL freshers’ events. (Alas, will still have to show up alone and look like a complete loser).  Anyway, it was fun and reassuring to hear how cool being a London-student is, which is important to keep in mind when I get panic attacks at the though living alone in a metropolis (despite having already lived in Beijing!) and potentially putting three years worth of great relationship at mortal peril.

The presentation was not due to start until 19:00, and as I finished work at 16:00, I had a bit of time to kill. I decided to go to Oslo’s newest pride – Den Norske Opera og Ballett (the opera house) by the sea. It is the one place in Oslo I enjoy walking, and I love how you can walk on the roof and enjoy the stucture at different angles. Too bad some idiot messed up the overall impression by deciding the opera should be located right next to the container port. Way to go.

Naturally I brought my camera with me, and I could not have come at more picturesque time. It was dark and windy, and the dark clouds looked amazingly dramatic against the white marble/granite structure. And I love my wide-angle lens for enhancing it all.


Have a lovely evening everyone! Time for me to indulge in some tea and cheese doodles!