1. Create a pink atmosphere by decorating with pink napkins, pillows, candels or anything pink you have accumulated over the years.


2. Make cupcakes and decorate them with pink icing of various shades.


3. Serve exquisite Belgian chocolate.


4. Invite all your best friends and tell them to wear something pink. When they arrive, serve them lots and lots of different flavoured tea!




5. Force your friends to watch Jane Austen’s “Persuasion” with you, and sigh as Anne Elliot tries to win back the love of the dashing Captain Wentworth.


Thank you everyone for coming to my 21st birthday! As always it was lovely spending the evening with you, and I shall miss it a lot when I go to London! I also love the fact that you are all fond of cosy girl evenings rather than drunken birthday parties where everyone end up puking in a ditch. Marianne’s friend Johan was in a state of shock when he learnt that Marianne was going to a birthday party with (oh my god the dread) no alcohol. When told we were drinking tea and soda, he referred to us as “cute”. I just had to laugh. Is it a norm in Norway that you have to serve alcohol to guests the moment you hit 18?