As I went to bed yesterday, I just realized that my 21st birthday is coming up in eight days! So today I threw myself over the keyboard to write invitations. For a person who is already in her quarter life crisis, birthdays are not anticipated occasions. Especially since I  believe my life as a 20 year old to have been sadly eventless. All I can remember doing is standing behind a counter selling buns and making lattes; and fretting over university applications. However, as much as I hate birthdays, I do feel that this passage between 20 and 21 is worth celebrating. As a 20 year old I managed to get into the university of my dreams, and as a 21 year old I shall commence on a whole new life in London! Now that calls for a little celebration.

For my birthday last year I invited all the girls on a guided ghost tour around the haunted places of Oslo. It was a great success, but I doubt I will bother being as original this year. Many of my friends have moved away, and I think I shall just stick to a cosy girls’ night in. The theme for last year was ghosts and hauntings. This year I have decided to go for the more cheerful pink shabby chic theme. I am thinking something in the lines of pink candles, cupcakes, fruit salads, tea, hot chocolate and home-made apple jam. Doesn’t sound too bad on a cold September day?